Team CHI

“Chi” is a Chinese term that means inner energy or life force. At Cooper Hong Inc., we use our initials – CHI – to represent the power we harness in creating brand development and marketing solutions that achieve our clients’ goals.

CHI is a full-service brand development and public relations firm, offering integrated marketing communications capabilities. Our core team works out of our suburban Chicago office, and we tap the resources of a broader virtual team to bring our clients expanded capabilities and capacity as needed.


At Cooper Hong Inc., we strive for excellence in everything we do, from strategy to execution, the biggest ideas to the smallest details. We start each day with energy, good humor and an unwavering commitment to build visibility and ultimately sales for our clients. We are B-to-B specialists, industrial by design, with a focus on capital goods-related businesses. Our grounding in PR gives us a core competency in content development, with the creativity and know-how to effectively cross-purpose information for the benefit of our clients. 


  • CHI was founded with an unwavering sense of duty to our clients—a duty to deliver excellence in everything we do for them.
  • Our clients pay the bills and keep the lights on. We owe them our loyalty, and we will be billboards for their brands.
  • We keep abreast of technology—for efficiency, to add a wow factor and to track return on investment.
  • We value our team members and give them the tools they need to support our clients. We hire, train and retrain staff to stay fresh and lead the curve when it comes to employing technology to enhance communication.

Our Promise

Only CHI, with our drive for excellence, guarantees the combination of brand strategy expertise, business-to-business experience and PR specialization to deliver game-changing visibility and results for your brand.

Experience the power of CHI.


Team CHI

CHI – The energy, commitment and insight we bring to everything we do.