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HOW Design Live

This past weekend, CHI attended the HOW Design Live Conference downtown Chicago. The conference was a great opportunity to get out of the office and interact with other creative designers while learning ways to improve the creative output of our agency. Over the weekend, we took in sessions lead by leading designers in the industry such as Gail Towey from the Martha Stewart empire, Stephen Doyle, Shannon Carter, Mig Reyes from Threadless, Chris Chapman from Disney Creative, Justin Ahrens and Jessic Hische.

A few sessions that stood out included Justin Ahrens’ talk on using design to change the world. His message was to do something more than focusing on the dollar and accomplish something meaningful. While working with Life in Abundance, he has created content to increase funding while developing new ways for people living in the slums of Kenya to earn income.

Chris Chapman’s talk on brainstorming was just short of genius. Taking the meeting outside the office seems so obvious. He also described the creative mood which we all follow, if we know it or not, and how we as creatives need to balance these moods to preform and come up with ideas effectively.

Aside from the sessions, the resource center was impressive. All the top paper, stock asset and innovative application companies were on hand showing off new product and answering questions. The booth with the most action was Adobe as they were revealing a glimpse into new applications that will hit the market in 2012 and 2013. Illustrators were on-hand, painting live; Blues Brothers were performing; and swag was littered everywhere. It was a sight to behold.

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