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Archives from September 2011

How Google Works - A Visual
If your mind processes things like many people’s, a visual outline can help you to understand a certain concept. If your mind processes like most people’s, you just can’t seem to wrap your brain around exactly HOW Google works.
I’ll Have the Hurricane, With a Side of Hashbrowns.
While NY Mayor Bloomberg was quaking in fear at the approach of Hurricane Irene, Americans could find a rational, market-driven response to the storm from … WAFFLE HOUSE!
Elgin Sweeper Announces Partnership With Autocar LLC
Partnership leads to industry’s first modern Class 7 cabover truck chassis specifically designed for street sweeping applications
Training for Good PR
Two friends are running through the dark on an early September morning. Conversation naturally turns to business, as it often does when executives get together to exercise before the day begins.
Congrats CHI! CHI Achieves I Make America Bronze Level
CHI recently achieved the I Make America campaign’s Bronze Participation Level. CHI accomplished this as a member company of the AEM and through participation in the campaign by five percent of CHI employees, mentions of the AEM and I Make America via our social media network, communications with all CHI employees about I Make America and by contacting our Congressman to discuss the campaign.