Is Your Agency a Doppelganger for Your Business?

Posted on Dec 1, 2011 in CHI Contemplation
Tags: public relations, marketing communications, b2b, public relations firms

Doppelganger, or a person’s double or look-alike. Though this term once referred to paranormal double of a living person, it is now synonymous with someone who looks or acts just like someone else. Similar to the concept of a doppelganger, recently, a Facebook friend sent a link for a site called Doggelganger, which uses feature-matching software to pair your face up with your perfect canine match, your doggelganger.

We are all familiar with the old cliché that people resemble their dogs. Doggelganger takes that cliché and turns it on its head. The site allows you to take a photo with your webcam or upload an existing snapshot, and using the provided tools, you move the site-mapping features to prep the photo of your face so it can be matched to your doggelganger, or your perfect dog match. Don’t just take our word for it; try it out here:

That dog with which you match up by face could turn out to be any breed, that lives in New Zealand, anyway. The face-matching software does not discriminate. It takes your beautiful visage and matches you up with a dog with the same facial characteristics. Beagle. Terrier. Greyhound. Bulldog. Retriever. It simply depends on your very specific facial composition.

The accuracy varies depends on the quality and nature of the photo, one must suppose. And there also exists the possibility that you don’t look like any dog on earth. But that would be sort of sad, in a way.

The whole Doppelganger concept begs a whole new set of questions, however…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone invented a software to help businesses find the perfect marketing and public relations agency? You could enter data about your business, and the site would match it up with agencies corresponding to your needs. Of course finding a good agency, like finding a good dog owner, requires far more than simply looking like the dog you own. Our human qualities still matter in either case.

That’s why CHI always likes to meet our clients face to face. We don’t expect to be Doppelgangers, exactly. But we might ask you to “throw us a bone,” an urgent or last minute project, just to see how we do at bringing it back, on-time. In fact, many of our long term client relationships started out that way.

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