In the Words of Nike, Just Do It.

Posted on Jan 9, 2012 in CHI Contemplation
Tags: pr tips

As professionals, and simplistically as human beings, we find excuses every day to not follow through, to not do. Whether it's moving forward with that great idea for a new product, bringing it to fruition; taking a big chance with your business that could open up the door to boundless benefits; going for that first run to train for your first marathon; or any other major (or minor) item on your to-do list, we find excuses every day not to just do. Not to just let ourselves be great.

If today's one of those days where you find yourself digging for excuses not to do, this piece on "106 Excuses that Prevent You from Ever Being Great" might just be the thing to get you going. Remember, it starts with one step. And who knows, with that one step, you could put yourself right on the cusp of something great. Read. Motivate. Do.

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