PR Basics - Baseline PR

Posted on Jan 5, 2012 in CHI University
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Let’s begin by identifying the basics, the PR must-dos. First on the list? Baseline PR.

Typically, determining a baseline is essentially setting a tangible measurement by which you can determine the effectiveness of your efforts. Baseline PR is the least amount you should be prepared for in terms of your public relations efforts, or the minimum you should be doing to build your brand and publicize your company. Through your baseline PR, you can continue to measure the effectiveness of your PR as your campaigns grow, expand and thrive.

Though initially, baseline PR efforts may seem unworthy, the smallest efforts can often have a very significant impact. You may be asking: if the efforts are so small, what’s the point? Why PR?
We can leave the answer to this question up to the cold, hard facts:

- Six times as many people read the average article or see and hear the average news story as those who read, see or hear an advertisement

- PR generates four to 10 times the number of leads as advertising while costing you less

- PR offers objective third-party endorsement, not often easily achievable through other advertising methods

With these statistics behind it, baseline PR makes perfect sense. Instead of asking why, the question really is, why not?

So, how do you develop this baseline PR, especially when you’re starting from meager beginnings or even nothing? It’s a relatively simple process: Your baseline PR prep. Stay tuned for the next blog on Baseline PR Preparation.

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