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Posted on Jan 12, 2012 in CHI University
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You’ve established your baseline PR. Now that you’ve done the behind the scenes work, it’s time to share your news with the world. After all, part of strengthening your brand and getting it out there is by being seen by the public, or being visible. This brings us to baseline PR visibility.

What is baseline visibility? This is sharing your news, your expertise with media outlets, so that these media outlets can disseminate this information to the public. Think about in preschool terms: Sharing is caring. You can be the best company, the best at what you do, in the world. But no one is going to care if this isn’t shared. So, start sharing.


Share News? What News?

The first step in sharing your news with local, business and/or trade media outlets is deciding what news to share. What do people want to know about your company? What are the latest and greatest happenings at your organization that you would like to share with the world? Still not sure? Here’s some examples of what news you should share:

  •  New hires
  • Promotions
  • New office location
  • New products and/or services
  • Awards earned
  • Innovative business strategy

Any of the above are news-worthy things about your company to be shared. Once you’ve determined what type of news to share, the next step is finding out how to get it out there. It’s easy enough to say you want to share your news, but it involves a bit more than walking outside of your office shouting it to passersby in the street. If that tactic still sounds appealing (or just fun), go for it. But after that, make sure you follow the most effective ways in how to share your news:

  • News releases
  • News briefs
  • Calls/pitches to a specific media outlet
  • Media events

Now you know the what and the how when it comes to sharing your news. Before you call your local media outlets or set up your release for distribution, you need to know what goes into creating an effective news piece before it goes to press. Since a news release is one of the most common ways to share news, you’ll need to know what goes in it. What needs to be in your news release?

  • Contact information – Don’t just list anyone. Be sure to choose your primary contact, someone who will be available and informed when someone calls regarding the release.
  • Attention-grabbing headline – Media read news releases by the thousands. Yours has to stand out and make an immediate impression. Since the first thing they’ll read is the headline, make sure it’s compelling.
  • Lead paragraph – Your lead paragraph needs to succinctly answer the who, what, where, when and, if possible, starts to answer why.
  • More detail – Throughout the release, provide logical detail about the news at hand. It should be comprehensive.
  • Boilerplate – This is the “tag” at the end of the news release that provides some background about your company, a link to your website and more information.
  • Available photography and/or B-roll footage – High-quality images associated with the content of the release should be included.

You’re ready to be visible. You know what kind of news to share, how to share it and what should go into your news releases. But of course, baseline visibility doesn’t end here (did you imagine it would?). There’s more of your company to share with the world than just news. You need to share your expertise. Read on about sharing expertise in the next blog, and trust our expertise when we say you’ll want to.

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