When Sales Need Acceleration, Step on It

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 in CHI Insight
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The B2B sales and marketing evolution is in full swing. What does it really take to accelerate your sales?

For those who have chosen to ignore the evolution taking place in B2B sales and marketing, the new reality of engaging customers through content marketing seems like waking up in an alternate reality. That’s because people who work in sales-driven organizations like to cut to the chase, pitch the benefits, cover the features, read the room and go for the close. But that’s not always how it works anymore.

The direct approach still works in some sales channels, of course.  But the windows of opportunity in the direct sales approach are ultimately limited, because many companies simply no longer respond to such a direct approach. They want to see you demonstrate credibility before accepting your call. They want to see that you understand their business and comprehend their needs before engaging in a conversation. Most of all, they want to choose you rather than be sold on what you have to offer. That’s where content marketing can help you accelerate your sales.


How to accelerate your sales through content marketing

1. Be visible and be reachable. Often this starts with your website, which needs to do more than sit on a digital barstool waiting for someone to buy you drinks. Propagate your site with dynamic content that includes current product information, updated, informative blogs and invitations to interact. Tangible, relevant incoming links help as well. Give search engines - and your customers - a reason to engage you!

2. Go SEO. SEO is a key feature in the discovery of any website or company. Accelerating your sales begins with being found, and SEO best practices get you found.

3.  Have a point. Draw customers to your most valued information on product and services.

4. Rest not on any laurels. Customers will not automatically love you because you’ve been around for 70 years, or were first on the market. You can use that information to affirm a sale, but it is current value and business solutions that will get you attention and new customers whether you use the web, direct marketing, e-marketing, advertising or public relations. Accelerating your sales means having something someone needs now.

5. Give customers a way to talk to you. Make it easy to share your content and download product information so your prospects can make a case for using your company with their internal audience.

Accelerating your sales really is about sharing information. No single salesperson can do all the things that a well-crafted customer engagement program do with customers when the viral effect of content marketing takes off. Rather than one salesperson making one call, you potentially have anywhere from 10 to 10,000 people sharing your content. And that’s when your sales can truly start to accelerate.

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