When Sales Need Acceleration, Take Flight

Posted on Jan 11, 2012 in CHI Insight
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Help your marketing take flight

Recently, a few journalists requested the opportunity to join a falconry group in the field. They quickly learned that the most ancient of sports requires considerable preparation for a successful hunt. Both for practical and ethical reasons, falconers abide by a fairly strict code of traditions and best practices.

In fact, the “industry knowledge” necessary to engage in their sport goes back more than 5,000 years to people in China and Egypt (those are some deep traditions). However, the sport has also been updated to abide with modern laws of game management and conservation. Thereby, the sport of falconry combines both the old and the new. Learning the sport requires several years to absorb knowledge passed down through generations; a two-year apprenticeship with another falconer is required to get a license before you can own and fly your own bird.

Falconers use classic techniques manufacturing their own hoods for the birds, and leather jesses for their feet. Many birds also wear bells to help falconers track them. Electronic telemetry devices are often also fitted to the birds so they can be tracked in case they become distracted or wander off during the hunt. Some falconers also use trained hunting dogs, including spaniels and vizslas to round up game. It all combines for a highly stimulating experience in the field. To an outsider looking in, falconry can seem like a daunting hobby. And yet the basics of the sport are so simple. Hawks and falcons hunt instinctively. People simply leverage those instincts by training the birds to fly from their fists.


Refining Your Hunting Instincts

What works in falconry can also work for you in marketing and sales. You want your marketing materials to go out and hunt for you, and many classic techniques still work. Direct marketing, tradeshows and well-crafted public relations all can generate workable leads, if you know how to use them. There are also new marketing techniques that are just as important to consider: A content-rich, SEO website together with an integrated marketing campaign for lead generation and response are some modern standards for sales and marketing success. You might also want to consider intelligent, strategic use of social media in B2B. All are updating today’s marketing and sales environment, yet really are still derivations of classic methods of customer outreach: It’s still about the hunt for new customer.

Of course marketing and sales not exactly like falconry, but you do want to capture their business. That, of course, starts with learning a bit about their business, finding the right way to speak their language and evoking a response. So, the paradigm of preparation for a successful hunt still holds. It pays to learn from the experts, to know the classic methods of marketing and to integrate modern standards to help your sales and marketing program take flight.

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