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Archives from February 2012

Branding Basics - The Value of a Brand
It’s hard to determine the value of a brand, especially since your brand can be invaluable. But what we do know is how hard a strong brand works.
When Brand Recognition Counts - Saying Yes or No to the Capabilities Brochure
Before the advent of digital marketing, many companies made a big investment of time and resources to produce their capabilities brochure, the formerly signature piece of a marketing collateral program. Now that websites perform so many functions originally owned by the capabilities brochure, some firms forgo the effort to create a capabilities masterpiece.
Branding Basics - The Definition of a Brand
A brand is your point of different opinion or unique selling proposition: what sets your company apart from the others? What makes your brand special? What makes your brand the one to choose out of the plethora of “similar” options?
When Industry Knowledge Matters - Put that SEO Smile On Your Website’s Face
When your company’s website just sits, as it has for months or even years, you may be losing credibility with your customers - without even knowing you are. It’s as if your website has bad breath or stained teeth. It’s just a turnoff. Perhaps it’s time to put a healthy SEO smile on the face of your website.
Have a “PR Problem?” PR is Usually Not the Problem
All too often, the situation is portrayed as a “PR problem.” If the troubled person/company/institution could just get a new, improved image, everything would be OK. It’s not that easy. And PR usually isn’t the problem
Branding Basics - The Importance of Branding
Okay, so branding is important. But why?
When Brand Recognition Counts - Lessons from the Peacock
The peacock is a “brand” of bird that stands out when it wants to show off and blends in when it needs to meld with the flock, and therefore is an excellent study in the art of brand recognition.
Branding Basics: Building Your Brand 101
Branding is more than just a logo; your brand is your business.
When Sales Need Acceleration, Rally the Troops
The vision of soldiers going into battle is seldom lost on the sales force. Sales needs inspiration as much as it needs marketing materials.
When Competition is Fierce, Put It In Perspective
How you respond to competitive challenges determines how well your company will do in the marketplace. So let’s address them one by one.
Social Media Basics - Linking Up with LinkedIn
LinkedIn is not the strongest of all social media marketing endeavors, but it is a valuable tool for your business, especially in terms of networking in the industry, recruitment and hiring, with peers and potential clients. Also, your LinkedIn account is a great way to promote your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts, as well as communication company news and updates quickly.
Social Media Basics - Tweeting to Success
Who thought a little blue bird application would spread its wings and spit 140-word updates out of its beak faster than ever seen before? Well, that’s exactly what Twitter did, and it’s revolutionized the world, including how you market your business.
Social Media Basics - Going Viral with YouTube
Online video content is a force to be reckoned with; YouTube gets more than 2 billion video views a day. People are now even made famous overnight with one successful video post that garners enough attention. Anyone ever heard of Antoine Dodson or Rebecca Black? Has anyone seen the twin babies communicating in their own language, or admired the double rainbow (whoa)?
When Competition is Fierce - Competing for Attention - Part 2
Partnerships like these prove it never hurts for a non-profit organization to ask a national company to consider supporting your cause. You never know how the scale of your non-profit organization might serve the needs of a media company or corporation.
When Competition is Fierce - Competing for Attention - Part 1
Successful non-profits know how to watch their money when it comes to revenue coming in and expenses going out. But the really artful non-profit also knows how to place its marketing and public relations dollars to get the most value from their investment. There is an art to successfully partnering with non-profits as well. It starts with realizing competition is fierce in everyone’s respective game.
Social Media Basics - Friending Facebook
One in every 13 people is on Facebook, and it’s time for your business to get on-board with the trend. You know how important it was to have friends in high school, so take that level of importance at that time in your life and multiply in by 500 million – or the amount of users already on Facebook.
Social Media Basics - How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business
Become a social media maven. Put social media marketing to work for your business.
A Mid-Winter Super Boost for the Economy
The “Super Bowl effect” on the U.S. economy. Talk about economic stimulus! Who needs Congress when we have the NFL?
Social Media Basics - Social Media, SEO and PR – Three Pieces of the Integrated Marketing Puzzle
Search engine optimization and social media marketing have become fundamentally connected, as now social media marketing has gained recognition as an integral piece of an internet marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy as well.
Is Your Brand Marketing Like “Groundhog Day”?
There are many lessons in "Groundhog Day" that apply to brand recognition and marketing.