Is Your Brand Marketing Like “Groundhog Day”?

Posted on Feb 2, 2012 in CHI Contemplation
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The movie "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell does much to explain the power, for better and worse, of the mundane. Murray plays an arrogant small-market weatherman named Phil Collins, whose personal values are put to the test when some sort of space-time continuum forces him to live the same day over and over again.

The story turns out to be an examination of personal brand. When he first begins living the same day over and over again, weatherman Phil Collins turns bitter and cynical about life. Then he begins to explore the meaning of mortality, even calling himself a god at one point. Finally, he begins to realize that relationships are the most important thing in life. This epiphany is followed by a growing appreciation that love is the force that truly shapes human lives.

The transformation in Phil Collins is profound by the end of the movie. Through countless slaps to the face and errant attempts at seducing Rita, his love interest, Phil Collins learns to be considerate, caring and proactive about his life’s work, which is caring about people.


Show that you love your customers

There are many lessons in "Groundhog Day" that apply to brand recognition and marketing.

The first is whether it is time to stop and consider how your brand is perceived in the marketplace, especially among current and prospective customers. Are you too dependent on brand reputation without constantly proving to your customers that your company and products are worth their time? Do you make assumptions about the value of your brand name in the marketplace?

There are other aspects of brand presentation that affect your marketing strategy as well. Is your facility in need of an update? Could updating your internal presentation help customers better understand what you do when they visit your plant or offices?

One of our customers at CHI engaged us to help them better educate their customers about what they do. We created educational signage so that when their customers visited the plant, they could learn how their company dealt with sensitive security issues. It produced an opportunity to highlight the thoroughness of their green technology as well. These values could be derived from the signage along with brand communications about efficiency, sending key brand messaging to current and prospective customers. Ultimately, their customers were receiving the brand messaging that was most desirable rather leaving them to draw conclusions on their own.


Overcoming the stale, static and stagnant

Too often it is easy to fall into brand communications patterns that are familiar and easy to deliver, but somehow miss the mark with customers. It is easy to let brand marketing become stale, static or stagnant.

  • Stale means your messaging is not fresh or proactive
  • Static means customers cannot easily interact or engage with your brand
  • Stagnant means your messaging is not leading the way in industry knowledge

Customers sniff all these problems out pretty quickly. So why let it continue?

Tomorrow when the clock flips over at 6:00 a.m. and Sonny and Cher begin singing “Then put your little hand in mine…”, it may be time to get out of your marketing communications Groundhog Day. Look into something fresh.

Be fully engaged. Ready for new marketing opportunities and creating our own. Moving beyond Groundhog Day to that day where your brand recognition really comes alive.

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