Social Media Basics - Social Media, SEO and PR – Three Pieces of the Integrated Marketing Puzzle

Posted on Feb 3, 2012 in CHI University
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In our previous blog series on PR Basics, we discussed the SEO basics for online visibility:

  1. Identifying keyword terms in your targeted markets
  2. Optimized and regularly updated website content as well as other content including blogs, news releases, videos, etc.
  3. Clean, easy-to-navigate and SEO friendly website design
  4. Optimized meta data including Title Tags, URLs, meta descriptions, H1s, etc.
  5. Off-site SEO efforts including reviews, directory listings, backlinks and social media marketing

Note that last part of increasing online visibility – social media marketing. Search engine optimization and social media marketing have become fundamentally connected, as now social media marketing has gained recognition as an integral piece of an internet marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy as well.

Remember, Google, Yahoo! and Bing have spiders that crawl your website, read your copy and follow your links to index your pages using specific algorithms to rank your site. Make sure you have the components these spiders love to see, including relevant, keyword-rich content and meta data; fresh, frequently-updated content; and quality backlinks.


Measuring Marketing Success – Establish Your Baseline

First things first: you need to measure your marketing success to ensure you’re devoting your energies where they will pay off most. A common complaint about social media marketing is that it’s hard to determine exactly how well it’s working and what kind of ROI it’s delivering. However, by measuring your website’s traffic and user activity with analytics, it’s easy to see what marketing efforts and changes are working, including social media marketing.

If you are not currently using Google Analytics or different web analytics software, it’s imperative to have your website content developer install this free software on your website. If you do have it in place already and are seeing your analytics data, then you’re ahead of the game. Either way, set it up so you can establish a baseline for your SEO and social media marketing efforts. Your analytics will allow you to see a wide range of statics on who is visiting your website, how they are arriving at your website, what they’re doing once they get there and many other online visibility and conversion statistics.


Social Media Marketing, SEO and PR – Connecting the Pieces

Once you have your SEO basics in place for your website, it’s easy to correlate your PR efforts and online marketing efforts. Post your news releases to your website, and optimize your news releases with linked keywords that lead readers back to your site. Include your website URL in the boiler plate of your news releases, on your brochures, on your direct mail pieces and your e-marketing pieces.

Now, taking your SEO and PR efforts and promoting them through social media marketing will really act as a driving force behind your overall integrated marketing strategy.

  • Promote company news, events and specials with on your blog
  • Upload tagged videos of your events, commercials, advertisements to YouTube
  • Promote any news blogs, news releases, company news, specials, upcoming events, successful projects, anecdotes, industry knowledge or other valuable information on your Facebook or Twitter accounts
  • Utilize LinkedIn to connect with other important players in the industry and promote your company

These are just a few of the ways you can utilize social media marketing to enhance and strengthen your PR and SEO efforts. As you can see, all of these marketing avenues streamline into one distinct path that ultimately leads to your PR and integrated marketing communications success.

Now that you know the what and why of social media marketing, look out for the next blog on the how: How you can make social media work for you and the steps to take to reap the rewards.

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