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Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use: #2 - News Releases Should Contain News
Although it may seem like a given that news releases should contain news, you’d be surprised at how often non-newsworthy stories are (or are attempted to be) transformed into actual news releases. Not every event is groundbreaking, and not every event should be announced with a news release.
Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use: #1 - Think Like the Media You’re Targeting
First tip for giving media news they can use? Start thinking like the media you’re targeting. Whether it’s an editor of a local newspaper or the writer of an industry trade magazine, you need to know who you’re targeting and who their publication targets.
Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use
News releases can be an incredibly valuable tool in your PR kit, but only if you get your news releases out there in front of the media and public. That’s why we’re bringing you CHI’s “7 Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use” blog series to ensure your news releases have the best chance for exposure and success.
When Competition is Fierce, Market Yourself
The most important lesson business owners can learn in marketing their business is to first market their values and benefits to the most important audience there is: Your own company.
When Brand Recognition Counts: The Art and Meaning of Taglines
If you’ve ever been involved in development of a corporate tagline, you know how excruciating the process can be. Arguments over even a single word can erupt into weeks of committee work. Yet somehow, the great brands make it look so easy.
When Industry Knowledge Matters: Why Customers Elect to Buy
Setting up your product strategy is a bit like preparing a candidate in a political election. Usually no one candidate has all the qualities voters are looking for, and competition in the marketplace represents other candidates running for election. That means it is your job to develop the most appealing overall message for your product or service.
When Sales Need Acceleration, Caffeine Isn’t Always the Answer
We all know the joys and risks of caffeine. On one hand, a morning jolt can deliver energy necessary to start the day. But when the caffeine wears off, what’s next? It can work the same way with sales and marketing efforts.
New Holland sponsors PLANET’s 2012 Student Career Days and Loader Backhoe Competition
New Holland Construction today announced it is a major sponsor of the Professional Landcare Network’s (PLANET’s) 36th Annual Student Career Days.
When Industry Knowledge Matters - The Answer is Right in Front of Your Eyes
If you’ve ever misplaced a wallet, car keys or reading glasses, only to find them hiding in plain sight, then you know the most important rule in modern marketing. Most of the benefits of your product or service are sitting right before your eyes. When you relax and look at things a little differently, the problem of how to market your product will sometimes solve itself.
Branding Basics - Building Visibility, Credibility for your Brand
Part of propping your brand up is by building its visibility and credibility among your target audiences and the public. There are various ways to build visibility for your brand, including...
When Brand Recognition Counts, Exercise Your Tradeshow Options
You don’t always have to buy the first or most expensive advertising opportunity that comes along. But if you consider your brand assets and the strategy of your tradeshow booth, you can make an impact even when you’re a small player on foreign turf.
What Marketers Learned from the Facebook Marketing Conference
Last Friday, Facebook held the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC), its first ever global event developed for marketers. Facebook announced its latest technologies for brands and marketers...
New Case CX470C Excavator Sets New Standards in Fuel Economy, Productivity, Operator Environment
Case Construction Equipment today launched its CX470C full-sized excavator. The machine is the newest in the Case C Series excavator line that features increased fuel efficiency, productivity and improved serviceability and operator comfort, while achieving Tier 4 Interim certification.
Branding Basics - Six Steps to Brand Building
Like any timeless song or massive sand castle, the build is important. Building your brand is critical to its success...and your company’s bottom line.
Branding Basics - Branding Works When We
We’ve realized the importance of your brand, defined your brand and identified the value of your brand. Now, how do we make branding work for you?
When Competition is Fierce, Know How to Survive
Like it or not, sometimes survival - in life and in business - is a matter of staving off the most immediate danger you face. But if you keep your wits about you, there is always hope of emerging in good shape.