Branding Basics - Six Steps to Brand Building

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 in CHI University
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Like any timeless song or massive sand castle, the build is important. Building your brand is critical to its success...and your company’s bottom line. Lucky for you, CHI has six steps to building a successful brand.

You know you want to read more, so let’s dive in.


CHI’s Six Steps to Brand Building

1. Discover your Brand

Like any good foundation, you must start with a discovery phase. You may think you know your brand, but do you really? Where have you been, what is your company history? What does your brand stand for today? Is your brand distinguishable from the competition? Is it recognized by your target audiences? During the discovery phase, do some soul searching and ask the tough questions. Do some research with internal meetings, marketing audits, surveys or focus group studies and get the answers.

2. Differentiate your Brand

Why is your brand different? What do you do better than everyone else? It’s important to set your brand apart from the pack by emphasizing and drawing attention to your uniqueness. You want to be ubiquitous, but unique.

3. Develop your Brand

Developing your brand strategy is critical. First, create a brand vision/mission statement. What will you live to? Define your brand personality and character. Are you serious or sassy? Set objectives. What goals do you want to meet? What do you wish to achieve? Identify the marketing communications channels needed to build visibility and establish your brand. Where will you broadcast your brand? Develop a timeline and budget. When do you want to meet your goals, what are the deadlines to get there and what is your bottom line?

Your brand strategy should:

  • Successfully telegraph the essence of your brand
  • Portray your company, product or service as the solution to your prospective customers’ problem
  • Grab your prospective customer emotionally
  • Be consistent across all points of contact
  • Provide adequate frequency to be effective

4. Communicate your Brand Consistently

Be consistent with your graphics and messaging. One of the best ways to build your brand is by encouraging familiarity with your audience and obtaining trust, thereby acquiring loyalty and recognition. Consistency in your graphics and messaging is key.

5. Live your Brand

It’s as simple as that. Make your brand live through your organization – from the lunchroom to your boardroom.

6. Periodically Check up on your Brand

Make sure to measure and evaluate your brand every so often. Are you regularly meeting your goals? Is the brand living up to its promise? Do you need a course adjustment?

CHI’s Six Steps to Brand Building, one through six. If you need help with your brand's foundation, contact CHI.

Once you build your brand, how do build its visibility and credibility? Look out for the next blog in our Branding Basics series that covers building visibility and credibility for your brand.

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