Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use

Posted on Mar 28, 2012 in CHI University
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The Importance of Public Relations

Public relations remains a very important part of an integrated PR and marketing communications plan. Even with the advent of search engine optimization and online lead generation, leads generated by PR typically run at least 4:1 vs. advertising and the actual dollars spent are usually about 1:4. What does that equate to? For a reasonable investment, there is a huge return.


Today’s Media Reality

Media live in a world of tight deadlines and constant demand for new story ideas. Hundreds of news releases, PR pitches and story ideas are generated on a daily basis. Media are reporting, writing and taking photos. Reporters and editors are well-versed on blogs, podcasts, radio, audio and chats. What does this mean for your business? You must get your news release to rise to the top and get noticed.


The Art of the News Release

Your news release should tell your audience about the great things your company is doing. News releases level the playing field for you and your competitors, providing an opportunity to speak to the public at large in an informative, timely and unique way.

News releases can be an incredibly valuable tool in your PR kit, but only if you get your news releases out there in front of the media and public.

That’s why we’re bringing you CHI’s “7 Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use” blog series to ensure your news releases have the best chance for exposure and success. Stay tuned for the first tip: Think like the media you’re targeting.

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