Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use: #1 - Think Like the Media You’re Targeting

Posted on Mar 29, 2012 in CHI University
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Think Like the Media You're Targeting

First tip for giving media news they can use? Start thinking like the media you’re targeting. Whether it’s an editor of a local newspaper or the writer of an industry trade magazine, you need to know who you’re targeting and who their publication targets.


Who are the publication's readers/viewers/listeners?

By understanding the audience of the publication, you’ll better know how to provide content that publication deems valuable and newsworthy. Audiences can vary differently, which means you’ll have to tailor your news to meet the needs of those specific audiences.


What motivates them?

Think about what motivates the publication’s audience. When you start thinking about what motivates them to act or respond, you’ll start thinking like the media you’re targeting, and your news will be more apt to fit these ideals.


What problems can your company help them solve?

Ensure your news is providing a solution to the audience’s problem. Give the audience something that helps them improve a situation or offers them a solution and the media will more than likely use your news.


How can you capture their attention and inform them at the same time?

Great news must ride the fine line of being informative and compelling. The more unique and creative, yet concise and profoundly informative, your news release is, the more interesting the media and their audience will find it.


What message will compel them to purchase your product or service?

Your news must be informative and newsworthy, but it also must prompt the audience to act. Why do they need your product or service, and what about that product or service benefits them? When you can identify the compelling nature of your news, the media most likely will too.

Think like the media you’re targeting, which means, think about their audience. The media is trying to deliver the best, most fitting news to their readers, viewers and listeners to increase response and keep/gain followers. Make sure the news you’re giving media is that which they want to give to their audience.

Stay tuned for the next blog’s tip: News releases should always contain news.

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