When Brand Recognition Counts, Exercise Your Tradeshow Options

Posted on Mar 6, 2012 in CHI Insight
Tags: public relations, integrated marketing communications, pr tips, advertising, marketing communications

One of our clients was traveling overseas to a tradeshow in Germany. In seeking out opportunities for promotion at the show, the client discovered that the rules for marketing were completely different in Europe than here in America. Advertising and distribution of other materials were highly regulated. Companies had to purchase available promotional opportunities or live without.
CHI swung into action on behalf of our client and discovered that while many opportunities held potential, most were too pricey for a smaller company trying to compete with larger firms in its industry.


Use your branding to create an impression

CHI researched the available options for booth promotion at the tradeshow and discovered a unique opportunity to hang banners in the corridors leading from one exhibition hall to another. This opportunity essentially leveraged the marketing theory of “recency” to make a memorable brand impression just as show visitors were entering the hall. CHI designed a stunning series of attention-getting banners using the client’s bright blue and yellow brand presentation highlighting the invitation to get a high-quality incentive for visiting the client’s booth.

This strategy literally delivered a line of potential clients at the booth when the show opened, several of whom became customers.

These results were proof positive that you don’t always have to buy the first or most expensive advertising opportunity that comes along. But if you consider your brand assets and the strategy of your tradeshow booth, you can make an impact even when you’re a small player on foreign turf.

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