When Industry Knowledge Matters - The Answer is Right in Front of Your Eyes

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 in CHI Insight
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If you’ve ever misplaced a wallet, car keys or reading glasses, only to find them hiding in plain sight, then you know the most important rule in modern marketing. Most of the benefits of your product or service are sitting right before your eyes. When you relax and look at things a little differently, the problem of how to market your product will sometimes solve itself.


Solution #1: Turn your brand around to face your customers

One of the common mistakes many companies make is talking incessantly about their own products or services when what matters most to your customers is what your company can do for them. Take the simple step of reviewing your company language to see if you are simply talking about yourself or inviting your customers to find ways they can benefit from what you have to offer and sell.


Solution #2: Highlight your customers to promote your brand

As a supplier to your customers, you are in a unique position to make them look good. So, make an effort to do so! Ask your customer if they would be willing to be featured as a success story using your products (that’s what the media wants to hear anyway). Sending out one more press release with a dull list of product features may get you listed in the product summary section, but telling a compelling story about a business problem solved because your customer used your product…now that’s exciting stuff. And when you get your story told, you can repurpose it in blogs, email marketing, web links, white papers and new business lead generation. Making your customers look good makes you look good.


Solution #3: Enlist some help

When you can’t find your keys or glasses around the house, what do you usually do? That’s right, you ask someone else to help. Because sometimes we’re so near to the “problem,” we can’t see past our own noses.

For example, people who have worked in the same industry for years, and also people who have just joined an industry, may not know what constitutes an interesting story. But our experience shows that there are likely hundreds of interesting stories about your customers waiting to be told. It just takes some fresh eyes to find them sometimes.

The answer to your marketing dilemma is almost always right in front of your eyes. But don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need some help seeing, CHI is here to help you focus.

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