When Sales Need Acceleration, Caffeine Isn’t Always the Answer

Posted on Mar 15, 2012 in CHI Insight
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We all know the joys and risks of caffeine. On one hand, a morning jolt can deliver energy necessary to start the day. But when the caffeine wears off, what’s next? It can work the same way with sales and marketing efforts. Strategies that rely on quick hits like monetary spiffs to reps and other buzz methods work for a while, but ultimately the effects wear off.

That is why a good diet of healthy marketing works far better in the long run than multiple quick hits of sales caffeine.


Accelerating your sales on strengths

Like an athlete in training, your sales efforts cannot depend on speed alone. Your sales program needs endurance too. And that means giving your sales force something profound to work with. 

Nothing boosts the confidence and energy of your sales force like a clearly communicated benefit structure that positions your product or service well against the competition. A competitive analysis or review can be the first step in this process. But sometimes it is much simpler.  It is surprising how often companies fall into old habits and tired language in communicating their own strengths. For example, don’t just rely on buzzwords and technical language hoping to get through. Customers can sense when you’ve resting on your laurels or sitting on your industry reputation.

Your key strength in today’s competitive marketplace is to continually demonstrate and communicate how you’re the most progressive and best solution in your industry. You don’t do that by sitting still.


Accelerating your sales by tackling weaknesses

Doing the work to determine where your sales might be weak, and why, can often lead to opportunities. Identifying underperforming accounts and solving their problems can earn you quick wins, because often your underperforming customer issues are simple matters of misunderstanding or neglect.


Leveraging your customer’s sales force

It is always worth the effort to tailor your marketing pitch to customer-focused specifics to show that you want to help them grow their sales and are willing to satisfy their internal marketing needs. The goal is to energize their sales force to go to work on your behalf. You can accomplish that goal by providing them with what they need from a marketing standpoint. That’s no quick fix: That’s a solid investment.

Offer to customize your marketing materials and you will often produce a new or revitalized customer. Do the math on your possible return on investment and often you’ll also find that with minimum effort you can maximize your returns with sales growth of 100% or more.

But you don’t need to get crazy or hyped up about it all. It takes a cool head to analyze where your opportunities are, and how to pump the “good stuff” into the system of your sales relationships. When you’ve got a few wins like that under your belt, you can apply what you’ve learned about energizing customers to growing business with your most important accounts.

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