Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use: #5 - A Picture/Video is Worth 1,000 Words

Posted on Apr 6, 2012 in CHI University
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Tips for a Successful News Release

You have news. Real news. You craft it into a news release with a strong headline and lead paragraph that covers the five Ws. The rest of your release includes important backup information and colorful details. A great foundation for a successful news release is there. But how can you increase the chances that you’re giving the media news they can use? Implement the following three tips into your news release to paint the perfect picture everyone will want to see.


Tip #5: A Picture/Video is Worth 1,000 Words

Why do you think YouTube is the second largest search engine under Google? Because people like to see and hear their content. People like to watch videos. People like to see the story in action.

Photos and videos are common media requests, so why not provide these materials before they’re even requested from you? It’s best to always include 1-2 high quality photos in your news release. If you have a related video, even better. If you include a video for TV or online media, include b-roll video footage if available.

Stay tuned for our next blog with Tip #6: Stick to the facts.

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