3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Posted on May 16, 2012 in CHI University
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An online presence is of critical importance in today’s marketplace. Driving traffic to your website with SEO, blogging, backlinks and social media is extremely effective, but these are not the only paths to take when increasing your website traffic. Online media placements are exceptional channels to utilize to drive traffic to your website.


Why Online Media Placements Increase Traffic

Because of the media’s broad reach, reputability and unique position, people react to content received from online media sources differently than they do other sources. This means that the content posted to online media may be considered more valuable or credible to users, thereby generating more reads, click-throughs and traffic to your website.


How Online Media Placements Increase Traffic

There are three main ways online media placements increase website traffic:

1. Reach

A news website, for example, is one outlet many different people visit daily for information. This means if your article or news release is posted to a news site, it has the potential to reach users who you could’ve never touched before. Your brand gets placement in fronts of thousands and thousands of new eyes, giving your story more exposure. Since your readers are already online, strategic links allow users to click-through right to your website, thereby increasing your website traffic.

2. Credibility

People, more often than not, trust what they read in the news. Having an online media placement immediately gives your story and your brand credibility because of the source it’s attached to. Although social media channels like Twitter and Facebook are one of the most common and fastest ways people receive and digest news, readers will still double check the information via a trusted, familiar source. Having placement directly on the trusted, familiar local newspaper, magazine or television station’s website is one way you give your brand this instant credibility. Instant credibility means more reads, and more reads lead to increased click-throughs and website traffic.

3. Longevity

News releases and articles posted to online new sites stand the test of time. Once your story is published by a news site, it has the potential to live on forever. Although your story will never stay on the front page for too long, it will be archived, and archives live on for years. It will be reposted and circulated around other websites. All of this means more exposure for your story long after its first posting, which means more traffic to your website…indefinitely.

Online media placements take a little more time and energy to secure, but they are well worth the effort. Not only does having your story picked up by an online news source look impressive to your clients, peers, prospects and competitors, but it gets your brand’s name out there much faster and much broader than just using blogs, social media or SEO. For more information on how you can get your news placed on online news sites, contact CHI today.

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