Tips to Make Your “Boring” Business Burn Bright Online

Posted on May 9, 2012 in CHI University
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Think your business is too “boring” to blaze the online marketing trail? Think again. Even businesses that specialize in less-than-exciting products or services have incredible potential to curate web and social media content that engages your target audience, incites them to learn more and converts them into a customer.

There’s no such thing as a boring business. Even if your product line boasts industrial products or you manufacture 3,000 different types of adhesives, there is an audience for your content, and there’s a way to make your content interesting. It’s all about how you market yourself.

Even the most seemingly mundane or unfunny products and company information can be transformed into interesting and attention-grabbing marketing material and content. Drum up more business with your business by utilizing the following tips:


1. Engage with Video

YouTube makes it easy and virtually free to utilize video for your business. Video works especially great for those businesses that have spec-heavy copy, technical information or industrial processes. Why? It takes a mundane or technical process and makes it come alive. Video engages users, allowing them to watch and learn about something that would otherwise be too dreary or in-depth to read through when written in technical copy.


2. Give Stuff Away

What’s better than freebies? Not much. Offer your website visitors or social media followers freebies for participating in a contest, downloading a white paper, etc. When customers make a purchase of a certain amount, give them an added perk with a free item. Nothing makes boring products more exciting than fun and FREE sports apparel, accessories, miniature grills, multifunctional tools and the like. Note: Free stuff doesn’t always work. Remember that you should give away something the consumer would actually find value in to see the most success with this initiative.


3. Target the Right Audience

Let’s face it, no matter how interesting you make snow removal equipment, if someone is not interested in commercial snow removal, they’re likely not going to pay attention to your marketing. Be sure you’re targeting and reaching the right niche audience for your products and services. Be sure these are the people and companies you target with your online marketing, SEO, social media and email marketing. Do the research on your target audience and what they want to see and you’ll reap the benefits. This is especially important for B2B, as you will have a very specific niche to be targeting.


4. Have a Sense of Humor

By having fun with your company and message, you not only give a face to your brand, but you will engage your target audience. Can you weave some humor into your message, either through a play on words with your company name or products? Is there a fun Facebook contest you could introduce that allows your brand to be more casual, relaxed and friendly? Poking fun at your company is something most firms shy away from, making it a lucrative opportunity for those willing to have some fun.


5. Hire Expert Writers

If your wheel house doesn’t include writing, hire outside help. A talented copywriter can transform your technical information into entertaining, smart and savvy copy. As we all know, engineers, scientists, equipment manufacturers, contractors, insurance agents, company officials, “insert title here,” albeit extremely talented in their specialty, aren’t always the best copywriters. Hiring an outside agency to assist with your content development ensures you always have content at the ready to post to your website’s blog and social media accounts, transform into a downloadable white paper or include in a new e-newsletter. Having a skilled marketing copywriter (someone who knows how to artfully write SEO copy is a bonus) will allow you to amass content that you can use to market your business successfully in the online world.


6. Think Like Your Audience

What do you think your audience will find interesting about your company, products or services? Day-to-day activities and processes, on-going and new projects or a typical product's function may seem like normal, everyday things to you, but they just might be something incredibly interesting for your audience. Many times we find companies that have plenty of exciting, entertaining and new-to-them things that their audience would find amazing - and they don't even realize it. That's where an expert marketing communications company can step in. An agency can help you recognize these overlooked opportunities and weave them into valuable content such as news releases, video, social media posts, infographics and feature stories.

These aforementioned tips are just a few ways in which you can make your business more appealing to your target audience in the ever-evolving, quick-paced online marketplace. You have a few moments to grab the web user’s attention. How are you going to do that? CHI specializes in content development and social media marketing – especially for businesses in the industrial, engineering, technology and energy industries – so contact us today to discuss ways in which we can curate content for your business.

What are ways you think these types of businesses can succeed in the online marketplace?

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