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They made us see yellow

Anyone attending World of Concrete this year had to notice the sea of yellow White Cap Construction Supply backpacks moving through the show. Any exhibitor that purchases exclusive sponsorship of the lanyards issued with the badge holders at the show makes a substantial investment for the privilege of seeing their brand on the necks of most of the attendees. HD Supply White Cap took that several steps further by including cards in the badge holders that touted multiple offers to entice people to visit their booth. Among the offers was this one: “Stop by to get your free backpack!”

They drove traffic to their booth

We were not involved in this particular promotion and so can’t say for certain that the investment will pay off in new customers or sales for the company, which identifies itself as “the nation’s leading distributor of specialty hardware, tools and materials for large and medium-sized contractors.” However, I can tell you without hesitation that the White Cap folks drove traffic to their booth—lots of it—and they built visibility for their brand that will extend far beyond the show.

They created visibility in social media

I was snapping pictures at the show—of our clients’ booths, of booths that featured attention-getting displays, of promotions that were attracting attention—anything that might be worth a mention on social media or that might provide some intelligence we could use for our clients or ourselves. Nearly every picture I took at the show has at least one White Cap backpack in it.

And not everything stayed in Vegas

Not only that, but when I was waiting for my luggage in Chicago, I spotted at least seven of those yellow backpacks shouting the brand and the web address to a new audience—1800 miles from the World of Concrete Show.

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