How Staying Married Is A Little Like Maintaining Momentum For Your Brand

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in CHI Contemplation
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This week, my husband and I celebrate 30 years of marriage. As I was thinking about the things that have kept our marriage going all these years, I realized there are some similarities between maintaining a marriage and maintaining brand momentum. Brands—and marriages—stay successful when the parties:

  • Understand and internalize the why of the relationship—the shared, foundational values upon which you build the relationship.
  • Continue to remember what’s special about the brand/your spouse—what attracted you to them in the first place.
  • Continue to enjoy each other’s company—a shared sense of humor, shared laughter.

Successful leaders of companies with successful brands know their “why.” They know what’s important, why they get up in the morning. And the people who “marry” those brands as engaged employees or raving-fan loyalists share that understanding.  They value the same things. They are inspired by the brand.

Our job, as brand developers, is to help companies through a discovery process that includes finding their why and evidence of distinction. We work with them to identify touch points with employees, customers, distributors—anyone who comes in contact with the brand or who might serve as a brand ambassador. We then recommend communication—the courtship to attract people to the brand.

Just as couples sometimes lose track of what brought them together in the first place, over time, companies may get so wrapped up in the day to day struggles of the business that they lose sight of their why. This is the reason we always suggest implementation of a brand momentum team – a group of people representing key areas of the company, who meet on a regular basis to share ways to keep the relationship exciting.  They help figure out how to keep the good humor or personality of the brand alive and what tokens – “love notes,” shared pastimes or other reinforcements of the relationship – will maintain awareness of the attributes that can continue to make people passionate about the brand.

Likewise, just as strong marriages evolve over the years, so too do our relationships with great brands, but if the why or foundational values stay intact – and visible – so will the relationship.

Written by Jane Cooper

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