US Radar Unveils World’s First Triple-Frequency Ground-Penetrating Radar

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Quantum Imager Adds Depth, Resolution to Locating Technology

LAS VEGAS, March 6, 2014 - US Radar Inc., a leading manufacturer of subsurface imaging systems, has introduced the Quantum Imager™, the world’s first ground-penetrating radar system to use triple-frequency radar technology for locating and imaging objects at greater depths and with higher resolution than competitive single- or dual-frequency systems.

The Quantum Imager excels in a wide variety of applications, from bridge deck analysis to locating and imaging utilities at depths up to 30 feet – twice the depth limit of dual-frequency systems and three times that of single-frequency units. Patent-pending technology in the Quantum Imager applies ultra-wideband pulses that combine the advantages of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar. The system is especially effective in locating objects such as conduit and rebar, and rendering high-resolution imagery of those objects.

“New direct radio frequency sampling technology used in the Quantum Imager creates clearer, easier-to-understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies,” said Ron Labarca, president of US Radar. “The combined technologies of the Quantum Imager define a new state of the art in ground-penetrating radar systems.”

With its U.S. and international patent applications filed, US Radar now has the Quantum Imager on display for the first time Booth #11906 in North Hall at the CONEXPO/CON-AGG tradeshow.

The four-wheeled, walk-behind Quantum Imager incorporates a Panasonic Toughpad tablet computer that enables the operator to run a suite of Windows-based applications, including GPS, 3D imaging, Google Earth integration and report generation. The tablet computer features a 10.1-in., high-definition screen, readable in all lighting conditions, and incorporates connectivity options such as wi-fi, Bluetooth and optional 3G and 4G direct internet service. 



About US Radar

US Radar is a leading manufacturer and distributor of surface-penetrating radar, also known as ground-penetrating radar, systems. The company’s Seeker SPR technology was first developed in the 1980s to locate plastic landmines. It helped reduce the risk of locating these dangerous, time-delayed bombs through rubble and in the ground. After performing admirably, commercial versions of the technology were developed in 1990, incorporating improvements that made it more user-friendly to the private sector and accessible to the masses. US Radar was formed in 1994 to promote the Seeker SPR technology, determine and test new applications, and identify product improvements. Since 2002, US Radar has been an independent company with complete manufacturing and engineering capabilities and worldwide customer marketing, support and service. The company is based in Matawan, N.J. For more information, please visit

Quantum Imager is a trademark of US Radar, Inc.

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