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Archives from December 2014

Guzzler Manufacturing Introduces Camera System Option for Guzzler® High-Rail Vacuum Loader
Guzzler Manufacturing introduced a camera system as an option for the Guzzler® High-Rail industrial vacuum loader. The three-camera system provides the operator with enhanced visibility to the operator location while the unit is vacuuming on railroad tracks and in switchyards.
Terramac Provides Perfect Construction Solution For Unique Challenge On Chicago’s Maggie Daley Park
Two Terramac RT9 crawler carriers were used to haul and dump soil and stone above the thousands of yards of geofoam forming the base for the landscape of the 25-acre environmentally sustainable park which covers the top of the vast parking garage at the northeast corner of Chicago’s Grant Park. Named in honor of Chicago’s former First Lady, Maggie Daley, the park is scheduled to officially open in the spring of 2015.