Resolve To Be Strategic In 2015

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There’s no shortage of advice this time of year about making New Year’s resolutions. For the industrial marketer and communicator, we have a simple resolution to suggest – keep it strategic in 2015.

With all of the paid and earned media options available – online, print, broadcast, outdoor – it’s easy to get caught up in the tactical execution of getting a specific message to a specific audience through a specific channel at a specific time. Unfortunately, it’s all too common for the tactics to become disconnected from the marketing and communications strategies that they serve.

An ad rep calls with a special, one-off opportunity. A tradeshow sales exec offers you a package of onsite mini billboards. An industry website provides an incentive your participation in a special retargeting program. They all sound like good ideas, and you can probably make a case for each one. But do they help fulfill your overall marketing strategy? Or do they just provide “feel good,” short-term exposure that will have no impact on your customers’ understanding of your brand value and benefits?

How do you resist these opportunistic temptations? Have a plan and stick to it. Your plan should be rooted in a strategy that keeps your brand moving in the right direction with the right messaging to the right audiences. Not just for a week at a tradeshow, or a few thousand impressions on a website, or an ad that you wouldn’t have bought if it weren’t a last-minute discount offer. Every now and then, you’ll find it makes sense to grab an unplanned opportunity – just make sure it fits into your strategy and offers a well-defined interaction for your brand with one or more of your target audiences.

Your strategy is a compass that points to success for all of your marketing and communications tactics. Stay focused on that strategy and let it guide you to a great year in 2015.

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