Counting Our Blessings – Mostly Easy, Sometimes Difficult

Posted by on Nov 27, 2016 in CHI Contemplation
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As we return from the Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to think we’re aware enough on a daily basis to acknowledge the many and varied blessings in our lives – that first sip of coffee in the morning, the lick on your hand from your faithful pooch, the kiss hello or goodbye from that one special person, food on the table, gas in the tank, a job waiting for you every day, funny videos on Facebook, hobbies, interaction with friends and family, and on and on.

But most days, those blessings go unacknowledged – taken for granted – while we focus instead on problems and difficulties of our own and others’ making. Human nature, right? So here’s a suggestion for a day when we are expected to slow down and show gratitude for all the good people, things, events and aspirations that animate and enrich our existence. Let’s also try to be grateful for the difficulties we face every day, because even though they make us sad, or anxious, or confused, or angry, they also give us a chance to learn a little bit about ourselves and to grow a little bit each day and strengthen our resolve to just get through it – whatever it is.

It’s a rare person indeed who gets through a whole year – this past year, for example – without experiencing pain, or loss, or disillusion. Yet, here we are. We made it. Despite our differences and misgivings, we’re all getting up every day and getting it done, whatever “it” happens to be for each of us. Isn’t that something for which to be thankful?

So, please be thankful for all the good and wonderful blessings in your life. But try being thankful, as well, for the difficulties. As much as anything else, they make you who you are.

We hope that our all our clients, business partners, employees, friends and, especially, families near and far had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we wish you a joyous and Happy Holidays!


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