Accelerate Into The Curve With Your Marketing

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In drivers ed class, we were taught to accelerate into a curve, to overcome the instinct to hit the brakes and slow down into the curve. Accelerating into the curve keeps you on course, so you can safely reach your destination.

That same important lesson can be applied to any situation in your personal or professional life where you find yourself facing a curve. The COVID-19 virus we are all facing is a curve of epic proportions.

In times of crisis, like this global pandemic, customers often look to the brands they already trust for information, reassurance, and guidance. It’s at times like these that trusted brands need to accelerate into the curve by boosting their presence in the marketplace, rather than bringing their marketing efforts to a complete stop. We know from experience that there’s no better time to build trust and strengthen relationships with customers than when facing a curve.

Keeping your brand top of mind during a global pandemic is not as difficult as it may seem. It really comes down to providing helpful, relevant messages that align with your customers’ needs and concerns.

Those businesses committed to taking a long-term view with their marketing strategy will be miles ahead of their competition when this curve is in our collective rear view mirror. The public relations, advertising, and marketing communications efforts you engage in now will reap benefits for your business for years to come.

Helpful advice from the backseat driver

  • Communicate clearly and often – and be honest, open, and transparent.
  • Make sure any content and messaging you share during this crisis doesn’t come off as irreverent, offensive, tone deaf, or overly salesy. If you’re not sure, go back to the drawing board and revise as needed. In these times, customers need to feel you are helping, not selling. Your messages should convey empathy for your employees, customers, and the public at large.
  • Keep your employees, customers, vendors, dealers, partners, and others updated with important changes which might occur in response to the crisis, including:
    • Changes in hours, locations or contact information
    • Changes in business procedures or ways of delivering products or services
    • Emergency offerings
    • Changes in availability of products or services
    • Special accommodations to respond to customer needs
    • New refund, return, and/or cancellation policies
    • Postponement or cancellation of scheduled events
  • Communicate information that is useful and helpful to your customers. Examples may include:
    • Products or services that offer special help or benefits during these challenging times
    • Tips for coping with extra challenges resulting from social distancing, PPE shortages, delivery or service delays, or other virus-related issues (for instance, some local banks and accounting firms have been offering information regarding the small business loans available as part of the CARES Act)
  • In addition, continue to communicate news that is important to your business and the people served by your business, such as:
    • Examples of what your business or organization is doing to support your local community
    • Business, product or personnel changes or other milestones that reinforce the credibility, longevity and resourcefulness of your brand and your people
  • Communicate the right message to the right audience.
  • Choose a variety of channels to effectively reach your customers and other target audiences with helpful information:
    • Public relations
    • Digital, broadcast and/or print advertising
    • Social media engagement
    • Content marketing
    • Email communications
    • Web content
    • Blog posts
    • Webinars (especially useful for field staff, dealer/distributor networks, channel partners, multiple locations, and franchises) that provide tips and content for how to best communicate to customers and prospects

Get more mileage with a free phone consultation

Our team of brand and marketing strategists, public relations and reputation management professionals, and content development experts is ready to help you navigate the curves and detours in the road ahead. We’re offering a free marketing consultation, regardless of whether you’re a current client or not. No commitments, obligations, or sales pitch. Just a free, one-hour phone consultation with experts who are eager to provide you with helpful marketing advice during these uncertain times. Email us at to schedule your free phone consultation.

There’s no alternate route. We’re all driving into a very sharp curve. But you don’t need to let this crisis slow down your customer contact. Accelerate into that curve by strengthening your marketing efforts, and you’ll arrive at your final destination well ahead of your competition. Safe travels.

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