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Does a Subset of an Organization Need to Reflect the Overarching Brand?
Should your brand message extend to all aspects of your organization? See why it should.
Counting Our Blessings – Mostly Easy, Sometimes Difficult
Be thankful for all the good and wonderful blessings in your life. But try being thankful, as well, for the difficulties. As much as anything else, they make you who you are.
Resolve To Be Strategic In 2015
There’s no shortage of advice this time of year about making New Year’s resolutions. What is CHI's resolution?
Does Loyalty Matter?
In today's business world, does loyalty to your clients make a difference? CHI believes it does. Our philosophy is “our clients pay the bills and keep the lights on. We owe them our loyalty, and we will be billboards for their brands.”
7 Tips for Better Media Relations: Treat That Trade Editor Like A Customer
Trade media reporters can help us get news and information about our products and services to our target audiences. Follow these seven tips for strengthening the relationship.
How Staying Married Is A Little Like Maintaining Momentum For Your Brand
Did you know there are some similarities between maintaining a marriage and maintaining brand momentum. Brands—and marriages—stay successful when the parties understand and internalize the why of the relationship, continue to remember what’s special about the brand/your spouse and continue to enjoy each other’s company.
No Saturday Deliveries? No Problem. Personalization is Key to Effectiveness, Regardless of Delivery
What will be the effects of the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement to end Saturday mail delivery later this year? If you’re in the greeting card business, you’re probably not too happy about the Saturday service cuts. But if you transact business primarily online, you may not even notice the difference.
Supporting Continued Infrastructure Funding
Cooper Hong Inc. applauds and supports our state and local chambers of commerce for their timely focus on the infrastructure crisis in Illinois. And we invite you to join us, along with several of our clients, at I Make America, a free online campaign dedicated to increasing jobs for those who grow and build America.
CHI Joins Kane County Magazine in Celebrating Women of Distinction
CHI joins Kane County Magazine in celebrating the Women of Distinction who have made it their business to better their community and who are representative role models as leaders in their fields and communities.
Before You Hit “Send” on That Employment Inquiry
As the owner of a small business, I often receive several unsolicited job inquiries each day, many from recent or soon-to-be graduates. I usually take at least a quick look at all inquiries--even if we don't have an opening--but I know from networking and business forums I participate in that most owners don't do that. Give prospective employers a reason not to hit “delete”