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Have a “PR Problem?” PR is Usually Not the Problem
All too often, the situation is portrayed as a “PR problem.” If the troubled person/company/institution could just get a new, improved image, everything would be OK. It’s not that easy. And PR usually isn’t the problem
A Mid-Winter Super Boost for the Economy
The “Super Bowl effect” on the U.S. economy. Talk about economic stimulus! Who needs Congress when we have the NFL?
Is Your Brand Marketing Like “Groundhog Day”?
There are many lessons in "Groundhog Day" that apply to brand recognition and marketing.
Murmuration and “The Trust Horizon”
These two notions – murmuration and the trust horizon – present two very different views of the world and represent a challenge to brand marketers. How will you respond to the next unpredictable shift in mass-market psychology, and how will your response encourage and strengthen your customers’ trust in your brand within the confines of an increasingly local “trust horizon”?
Eternal Vigilance and Internet Freedom
Little could Thomas Jefferson have known nearly 200 years after first noting, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” that his words would be relevant today in protecting Internet freedom.
Filling the Influence Vacuum
In politics, as in many spheres of life, the internet has reduced the power of traditional influencers and facilitated the rise of peer-to-peer endorsements.
In the Words of Nike, Just Do It.
If today's one of those days where you find yourself digging for excuses not to do, this piece on "106 Excuses that Prevent You from Ever Being Great" might just be the thing to get you going.
Too often during three-plus decades in PR I have replied to the “what do you do for a living?” query by taking the easy way out and answering, “oh, I’m in advertising.” No more. I hereby resolve to advance the cause of public relations through any and all legitimate means.
Is Your Agency a Doppelganger for Your Business?
Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone invented a software to help businesses find the perfect marketing and public relations agency?
The Real Winners
For those of you who engage in sports as participants or fans, there is probably no greater happiness than the joy of winning.