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Good Pitching Wins
That’s what they say in baseball. It’s true in sales or business development, too.
Authenticity is No Laughing Matter
Authenticity is a big deal in most business circles. People who know their own business or industry can tell when someone is faking it or does not really “know their stuff” when it comes to products, services and lingo.
I’ll Have the Hurricane, With a Side of Hashbrowns.
While NY Mayor Bloomberg was quaking in fear at the approach of Hurricane Irene, Americans could find a rational, market-driven response to the storm from … WAFFLE HOUSE!
Training for Good PR
Two friends are running through the dark on an early September morning. Conversation naturally turns to business, as it often does when executives get together to exercise before the day begins.
PR and the Art of Storytelling
One of the amazing aspects of public relations is the very real discovery process that happens when customers of our clients are interviewed as sources for possible news stories.
What You Can Learn About Business From the Tour de France
If you are a fan of cycling or an aficionado of France, it pays to watch cable channel Versus in July each year. The Tour de France bicycle race is televised for 21 days each year.
Manhattanhenge: When Opportunity Shines on You, Will You be Ready?
I recently read about ‘Manhattanhenge,’ a phenomenon where the setting or rising sun aligns perfectly with the east-west streets on two days a year. When does this occur in Chicago?
Creative Interaction - HOW Design Live Conference
This past weekend, CHI attended the HOW Design Live Conference downtown Chicago. The conference was a great opportunity to get out of the office and interact with other creative designers while learning ways to improve the creative output of our agency.
Getting Our Second Wind
Self-doubt. It’s a monster. For a public relations and marketing communications agency, self-doubt is an ugly monster with gruesome fangs.