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Does a Subset of an Organization Need to Reflect the Overarching Brand?
Should your brand message extend to all aspects of your organization? See why it should.
Resolve To Be Strategic In 2015
There’s no shortage of advice this time of year about making New Year’s resolutions. What is CHI's resolution?
Does Loyalty Matter?
In today's business world, does loyalty to your clients make a difference? CHI believes it does. Our philosophy is “our clients pay the bills and keep the lights on. We owe them our loyalty, and we will be billboards for their brands.”
7 Tips for Better Media Relations: Treat That Trade Editor Like A Customer
Trade media reporters can help us get news and information about our products and services to our target audiences. Follow these seven tips for strengthening the relationship.
When Industry Knowledge Matters: Who’s Got You Covered?
In the manufacturing world, it matters quite a bit what people say about your product. So how do you get the word out, so that customers are talking about what you have to offer?
When Brand Recognition Counts, Change is Inevitable
Customers’ loyalty to a particular brand is often tested when their favorite company turns in a new direction. So what’s a company to do?
When Sales Need Acceleration, Can Marketing Help?
Almost everyone’s gotten the call. “Sales are down. What can we do about it?” It’s not a really sophisticated question, is it? Yet the answers are often complex and challenging. Almost every business at some point faces the reality that sales are not meeting projections.
When Competition is Fierce, it All Comes Down to You
Great competitions – whether in athletics or business – often bring out the inner creativity and inspiration of participants.
When Industry Knowledge Matters, Are You Protected?
If your company were faced with a public relations challenge because your product or service caused alleged harm to another business, its employees or members of the general public, what would you do?
When Brand Recognition Counts, Make Your Brand Sing
If something as simple as listening to music is changing so quickly, it might be time to change how your brand interfaces with customers as well.