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Cooper Hong Earns Marcom Awards For Four Clients
Cooper Hong Inc. received three MarCom Awards and two honorable mentions for several marketing communications projects developed for clients in the past year. The international MarCom Awards program recognizes outstanding creative achievement by marketing and communication professionals, advertising agencies and PR firms.
When Industry Knowledge Matters: Why Customers Elect to Buy
Setting up your product strategy is a bit like preparing a candidate in a political election. Usually no one candidate has all the qualities voters are looking for, and competition in the marketplace represents other candidates running for election. That means it is your job to develop the most appealing overall message for your product or service.
Branding Basics - Branding Works When We
We’ve realized the importance of your brand, defined your brand and identified the value of your brand. Now, how do we make branding work for you?
When Sales Need Acceleration, Rally the Troops
The vision of soldiers going into battle is seldom lost on the sales force. Sales needs inspiration as much as it needs marketing materials.
When Competition is Fierce, Put It In Perspective
How you respond to competitive challenges determines how well your company will do in the marketplace. So let’s address them one by one.
When Competition is Fierce, PR Can be the Fastest Way to Beat Competition
Hearing this may surprise a few B2B marketers, but one of the best responses when faced with challenges from a competing business is to put more emphasis into your public relations. It can truly be the fast track to beating your competition.
When Industry Knowledge Matters - Calling The Game As You See It
That’s the beauty of industry knowledge, and why it matters. You don’t have to know everything about your industry to succeed, but like Harry Caray, you do need to be in the ballpark.
When Brand Recognition Counts - Brand Recognition Doesn't Happen by Mistake
People often confuse their brand with their logo, their tagline, their mission statement or even their website. But your brand is all that and more. Your brand is also how you engage customers and how you present yourself in sales, presentations and marketing.
When Competition is Fierce, Know How to Compete
That’s why it pays to have that deeper conversation about marketing, branding, public relations and strategy with someone outside your competitive realm. Because when competition is fierce, it’s hard to take your eyes off your rivals for even a second.
When Sales Need Acceleration, Step on It
The B2B sales and marketing evolution is in full swing. What does it really take to accelerate your sales?