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PR Basics - PR, Visibility and SEO: Linked at the Hip
Ensuring your company is visible on the internet is invaluable, especially considering than 80% of people (and that number is growing every day) now turn to the internet as their first source for information, products and services. How do you ensure you’re visible online? By ensuring you’re found on the search engines. How do you ensure you’re found on the search engines? With search engine optimization, or SEO.
PR Basics - Baseline PR Visibility - Sharing Your Expertise
Sharing your expertise with the public is an incredibly effective way to establish yourself as an industry expert, paralleling your brand with the respect and credibility that goes with the top expertise.
PR Basics - Baseline PR Visibility – Sharing Your News
You’ve established your baseline PR. Now that you’ve done the behind the scenes work, it’s time to share your news with the world. After all, part of strengthening your brand and getting it out there is by being seen by the public, or being visible. This brings us to baseline PR visibility.
PR Basics - Baseline PR Preparation, Part One
You’ve come this far. You understand what PR is, what it can do and why it’s necessary. Now it’s time for baseline PR preparation.
PR Basics - Baseline PR
Let’s begin by identifying the basics, the PR must-dos. First on the list? Baseline PR.