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Branding Basics - Six Steps to Brand Building
Like any timeless song or massive sand castle, the build is important. Building your brand is critical to its success...and your company’s bottom line.
Branding Basics - Branding Works When We
We’ve realized the importance of your brand, defined your brand and identified the value of your brand. Now, how do we make branding work for you?
Branding Basics - The Importance of Branding
Okay, so branding is important. But why?
When Brand Recognition Counts - Brand Recognition Doesn't Happen by Mistake
People often confuse their brand with their logo, their tagline, their mission statement or even their website. But your brand is all that and more. Your brand is also how you engage customers and how you present yourself in sales, presentations and marketing.
Because Brand Recognition - And Your Health - Counts
Brand recognition counts for everything in health care marketing because patients are making very personal choices about the value (and values) represented in a health care provider’s brand. These must come through loud and clear because there are typically many hospitals competing for patients in a geographical area.