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CHI Agency Principal Earns Certified Brand Strategist Designation From The Brand Establishment
Jane Cooper, president and principal of Cooper Hong Inc. recently earned the designation of Certified Brand Strategist from The Brand Establishment, the only organization that certifies brand development experts. Cooper is the only CBS in the greater Chicago metro area – and one of only 42 certified brand strategists in the United States and Canada.
How Staying Married Is A Little Like Maintaining Momentum For Your Brand
Did you know there are some similarities between maintaining a marriage and maintaining brand momentum. Brands—and marriages—stay successful when the parties understand and internalize the why of the relationship, continue to remember what’s special about the brand/your spouse and continue to enjoy each other’s company.
Dos and don’ts of excellent logo design
At their root, logos are made to identify. Through the use of images, icons, marks or symbols, logos identify companies or products in the most basic way. Immediately when a user views a logo, he or she can connect it with the brand it represents.
When Brand Recognition Counts: The Art and Meaning of Taglines
If you’ve ever been involved in development of a corporate tagline, you know how excruciating the process can be. Arguments over even a single word can erupt into weeks of committee work. Yet somehow, the great brands make it look so easy.
Branding Basics - Building Visibility, Credibility for your Brand
Part of propping your brand up is by building its visibility and credibility among your target audiences and the public. There are various ways to build visibility for your brand, including...
Branding Basics - Six Steps to Brand Building
Like any timeless song or massive sand castle, the build is important. Building your brand is critical to its success...and your company’s bottom line.
Branding Basics - Branding Works When We
We’ve realized the importance of your brand, defined your brand and identified the value of your brand. Now, how do we make branding work for you?
Branding Basics - The Value of a Brand
It’s hard to determine the value of a brand, especially since your brand can be invaluable. But what we do know is how hard a strong brand works.
Branding Basics - The Definition of a Brand
A brand is your point of different opinion or unique selling proposition: what sets your company apart from the others? What makes your brand special? What makes your brand the one to choose out of the plethora of “similar” options?
Branding Basics - The Importance of Branding
Okay, so branding is important. But why?