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No Saturday Deliveries? No Problem. Personalization is Key to Effectiveness, Regardless of Delivery
What will be the effects of the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement to end Saturday mail delivery later this year? If you’re in the greeting card business, you’re probably not too happy about the Saturday service cuts. But if you transact business primarily online, you may not even notice the difference.
The Five Ws of Email Marketing – How
So, it’s not another W of email marketing, but it is an H that’s just as helpful. Figuring out how email marketing fits into your social media strategy can do wonders for both types of campaigns and drive the overall success of your integrated marketing strategy.
The Five Ws of Email Marketing – Why
Why should you use an outside agency versus handling email marketing yourself (or vice versa)? Many companies wrestle with the decision of handling email marketing in-house or hiring an outside agency to perform the daily, weekly or occasional task. To pull the trigger on how you should send out your emails, considering the following...
The Five Ws of Email Marketing – Where
Whether you are new to email marketing or rather familiar with running campaigns, it’s always important to identify where email fits into your marketing plan.
The Five Ws of Email Marketing – When
The When is an important consideration for a successful email marketing campaign. What day of the week, what time of the day and how often you send your emails is critical to the effectiveness of your campaign.
The Five Ws of Email Marketing: What
Now that we’ve covered who your email marketing campaigns can target, we can move onto the second W of email marketing – the What.
The Five Ws of Email Marketing: Who
There are five Ws of email marketing to ensure you’re using the best message, formatting and outreach strategies for successful campaigns. The first W we’ll cover is Who.