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No Saturday Deliveries? No Problem. Personalization is Key to Effectiveness, Regardless of Delivery
What will be the effects of the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement to end Saturday mail delivery later this year? If you’re in the greeting card business, you’re probably not too happy about the Saturday service cuts. But if you transact business primarily online, you may not even notice the difference.
Cooper Hong Inc. Celebrates Six Years with Six Ideas for Solving Marketing Communications Challenges
Most companies host a party when they celebrate an anniversary, but Cooper Hong Inc., a St. Charles, Ill.-based marketing communications and public relations agency, is doing something different. As part of the agency’s celebration of six years of success, CHI is awarding services and gifts to businesses that participate in its “CHI Challenge.”
Tips to Make Your “Boring” Business Burn Bright Online
There’s no such thing as a boring business. Even if your product line boasts industrial materials, you sell insurance or you manufacture 3,000 different types of adhesives, there is an audience for your content, and there’s a way to make your content interesting. It’s all about how you market yourself.
Six Website No-Nos That Hinder Your Success
Even if you have a solid website and do an excellent job of marketing it, common mistakes can trip you up and impede your ultimate success. Avoid the following mistakes to ensure your website has the legs it needs to run past your competitors in the online marketplace:
Branding Basics - Building Visibility, Credibility for your Brand
Part of propping your brand up is by building its visibility and credibility among your target audiences and the public. There are various ways to build visibility for your brand, including...
When Brand Recognition Counts - Saying Yes or No to the Capabilities Brochure
Before the advent of digital marketing, many companies made a big investment of time and resources to produce their capabilities brochure, the formerly signature piece of a marketing collateral program. Now that websites perform so many functions originally owned by the capabilities brochure, some firms forgo the effort to create a capabilities masterpiece.
Social Media Basics - Tweeting to Success
Who thought a little blue bird application would spread its wings and spit 140-word updates out of its beak faster than ever seen before? Well, that’s exactly what Twitter did, and it’s revolutionized the world, including how you market your business.
Social Media Basics - Going Viral with YouTube
Online video content is a force to be reckoned with; YouTube gets more than 2 billion video views a day. People are now even made famous overnight with one successful video post that garners enough attention. Anyone ever heard of Antoine Dodson or Rebecca Black? Has anyone seen the twin babies communicating in their own language, or admired the double rainbow (whoa)?
Social Media Basics - How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business
Become a social media maven. Put social media marketing to work for your business.
Social Media Basics - Social Media, SEO and PR – Three Pieces of the Integrated Marketing Puzzle
Search engine optimization and social media marketing have become fundamentally connected, as now social media marketing has gained recognition as an integral piece of an internet marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy as well.