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7 Tips for Better Media Relations: Treat That Trade Editor Like A Customer
Trade media reporters can help us get news and information about our products and services to our target audiences. Follow these seven tips for strengthening the relationship.
Branding Basics - Branding Works When We
We’ve realized the importance of your brand, defined your brand and identified the value of your brand. Now, how do we make branding work for you?
Have a "PR Problem?" PR is Usually Not the Problem
All too often, the situation is portrayed as a “PR problem.” If the troubled person/company/institution could just get a new, improved image, everything would be OK. It’s not that easy. And PR usually isn’t the problem
When Sales Need Acceleration, Rally the Troops
The vision of soldiers going into battle is seldom lost on the sales force. Sales needs inspiration as much as it needs marketing materials.
When Competition is Fierce - Competing for Attention - Part 2
Partnerships like these prove it never hurts for a non-profit organization to ask a national company to consider supporting your cause. You never know how the scale of your non-profit organization might serve the needs of a media company or corporation.
When Competition is Fierce - Competing for Attention - Part 1
Successful non-profits know how to watch their money when it comes to revenue coming in and expenses going out. But the really artful non-profit also knows how to place its marketing and public relations dollars to get the most value from their investment. There is an art to successfully partnering with non-profits as well. It starts with realizing competition is fierce in everyone’s respective game.
Social Media Basics - Social Media, SEO and PR – Three Pieces of the Integrated Marketing Puzzle
Search engine optimization and social media marketing have become fundamentally connected, as now social media marketing has gained recognition as an integral piece of an internet marketing strategy and overall marketing strategy as well.
Social Media Basics
Blogging. Fanning. Tweeting. Liking. LinkingIn. Plus 1ing. Social media is likely something you’ve heard of recently - whether it’s a company selling you on how using it for marketing can do wonders for your business, reading a white paper in your weekly e-marketing emails or simply seeing your kids checking their Facebook endlessly during family dinners.
PR Basics - PR, Visibility and SEO: Linked at the Hip
Ensuring your company is visible on the internet is invaluable, especially considering than 80% of people (and that number is growing every day) now turn to the internet as their first source for information, products and services. How do you ensure you’re visible online? By ensuring you’re found on the search engines. How do you ensure you’re found on the search engines? With search engine optimization, or SEO.
PR Basics - Baseline PR Visibility - Sharing Your Expertise
Sharing your expertise with the public is an incredibly effective way to establish yourself as an industry expert, paralleling your brand with the respect and credibility that goes with the top expertise.