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Cooper Hong Earns 2012 PR Daily Award For Best Use of SEO
Cooper Hong Inc.has earned a 2012 PR Daily Award in the Best Use of Search Engine Optimization category. The agency also received an honorable mention in the Best Event Marketing category. Winners of the 2012 PR Daily awards were announced yesterday during an awards ceremony presented by Ragan Communications and Dow Jones in Washington, D.C.
When Industry Knowledge Matters: Why Customers Elect to Buy
Setting up your product strategy is a bit like preparing a candidate in a political election. Usually no one candidate has all the qualities voters are looking for, and competition in the marketplace represents other candidates running for election. That means it is your job to develop the most appealing overall message for your product or service.
When Sales Need Acceleration, Caffeine Isn't Always the Answer
We all know the joys and risks of caffeine. On one hand, a morning jolt can deliver energy necessary to start the day. But when the caffeine wears off, what’s next? It can work the same way with sales and marketing efforts.
When Industry Knowledge Matters - The Answer is Right in Front of Your Eyes
If you’ve ever misplaced a wallet, car keys or reading glasses, only to find them hiding in plain sight, then you know the most important rule in modern marketing. Most of the benefits of your product or service are sitting right before your eyes. When you relax and look at things a little differently, the problem of how to market your product will sometimes solve itself.
When Competition is Fierce, Know How to Survive
Like it or not, sometimes survival - in life and in business - is a matter of staving off the most immediate danger you face. But if you keep your wits about you, there is always hope of emerging in good shape.
Have a "PR Problem?" PR is Usually Not the Problem
All too often, the situation is portrayed as a “PR problem.” If the troubled person/company/institution could just get a new, improved image, everything would be OK. It’s not that easy. And PR usually isn’t the problem
When Competition is Fierce - Competing for Attention - Part 2
Partnerships like these prove it never hurts for a non-profit organization to ask a national company to consider supporting your cause. You never know how the scale of your non-profit organization might serve the needs of a media company or corporation.
When Competition is Fierce - Competing for Attention - Part 1
Successful non-profits know how to watch their money when it comes to revenue coming in and expenses going out. But the really artful non-profit also knows how to place its marketing and public relations dollars to get the most value from their investment. There is an art to successfully partnering with non-profits as well. It starts with realizing competition is fierce in everyone’s respective game.
When Competition is Fierce, PR Can be the Fastest Way to Beat Competition
Hearing this may surprise a few B2B marketers, but one of the best responses when faced with challenges from a competing business is to put more emphasis into your public relations. It can truly be the fast track to beating your competition.
PR Basics - Baseline PR Preparation, Part Deux
To effectively establish your baseline PR, it takes more than preparing what you will say. You need to identify who will say it, how you’ll present your information when an interview opportunity comes along and who your audience is.