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No Saturday Deliveries? No Problem. Personalization is Key to Effectiveness, Regardless of Delivery
What will be the effects of the U.S. Postal Service’s announcement to end Saturday mail delivery later this year? If you’re in the greeting card business, you’re probably not too happy about the Saturday service cuts. But if you transact business primarily online, you may not even notice the difference.
Add Images to LinkedIn and Twitter Profiles
The changes are designed to help users better customize their profiles. For companies, Twitter and LinkedIn will offer better branding opportunities.
Cooper Hong Inc. Celebrates Six Years with Six Ideas for Solving Marketing Communications Challenges
Most companies host a party when they celebrate an anniversary, but Cooper Hong Inc., a St. Charles, Ill.-based marketing communications and public relations agency, is doing something different. As part of the agency’s celebration of six years of success, CHI is awarding services and gifts to businesses that participate in its “CHI Challenge.”
Tips to Make Your “Boring” Business Burn Bright Online
There’s no such thing as a boring business. Even if your product line boasts industrial materials, you sell insurance or you manufacture 3,000 different types of adhesives, there is an audience for your content, and there’s a way to make your content interesting. It’s all about how you market yourself.
Cooper Hong Earns Four 2012 IABC Bronze Quill Awards
Cooper Hong Inc., a full-service integrated marketing communications and public relations firm headquartered in St. Charles, Ill., has earned four 2012 Bronze Quill awards presented by the International Association of Business Communicators/Chicago.
When Brand Recognition Counts, Change is Inevitable
Customers’ loyalty to a particular brand is often tested when their favorite company turns in a new direction. So what’s a company to do?
Branding Basics - Building Visibility, Credibility for your Brand
Part of propping your brand up is by building its visibility and credibility among your target audiences and the public. There are various ways to build visibility for your brand, including...
What Marketers Learned from the Facebook Marketing Conference
Last Friday, Facebook held the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC), its first ever global event developed for marketers. Facebook announced its latest technologies for brands and marketers...
When Competition is Fierce, Know How to Survive
Like it or not, sometimes survival - in life and in business - is a matter of staving off the most immediate danger you face. But if you keep your wits about you, there is always hope of emerging in good shape.
Social Media Basics - Linking Up with LinkedIn
LinkedIn is not the strongest of all social media marketing endeavors, but it is a valuable tool for your business, especially in terms of networking in the industry, recruitment and hiring, with peers and potential clients. Also, your LinkedIn account is a great way to promote your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts, as well as communication company news and updates quickly.