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3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic
An online presence is of critical importance in today’s marketplace. Driving traffic to your website with SEO, blogging, backlinks and social media is extremely effective, but these are not the only paths to take when increasing your website traffic.
The Five Ws of Email Marketing – Where
Whether you are new to email marketing or rather familiar with running campaigns, it’s always important to identify where email fits into your marketing plan.
Seven Tips for Giving Media News They Can Use: Bonus Tip #4
To round out this blog series on giving media news they can use, here are some bonus tips. Use bonus tip #4 to enhance your news release for perfect placement in the media’s hands.
Branding Basics - Building Visibility, Credibility for your Brand
Part of propping your brand up is by building its visibility and credibility among your target audiences and the public. There are various ways to build visibility for your brand, including...
What Marketers Learned from the Facebook Marketing Conference
Last Friday, Facebook held the Facebook Marketing Conference (fMC), its first ever global event developed for marketers. Facebook announced its latest technologies for brands and marketers...
Social Media Basics - Linking Up with LinkedIn
LinkedIn is not the strongest of all social media marketing endeavors, but it is a valuable tool for your business, especially in terms of networking in the industry, recruitment and hiring, with peers and potential clients. Also, your LinkedIn account is a great way to promote your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts, as well as communication company news and updates quickly.
Social Media Basics - Tweeting to Success
Who thought a little blue bird application would spread its wings and spit 140-word updates out of its beak faster than ever seen before? Well, that’s exactly what Twitter did, and it’s revolutionized the world, including how you market your business.
Social Media Basics - Going Viral with YouTube
Online video content is a force to be reckoned with; YouTube gets more than 2 billion video views a day. People are now even made famous overnight with one successful video post that garners enough attention. Anyone ever heard of Antoine Dodson or Rebecca Black? Has anyone seen the twin babies communicating in their own language, or admired the double rainbow (whoa)?
Social Media Basics - Friending Facebook
One in every 13 people is on Facebook, and it’s time for your business to get on-board with the trend. You know how important it was to have friends in high school, so take that level of importance at that time in your life and multiply in by 500 million – or the amount of users already on Facebook.
Social Media Basics - How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business
Become a social media maven. Put social media marketing to work for your business.