Media Training

Invest in Media Relations Training

“Steve Kroft from 60 Minutes is on Line 1…” For the untrained spokesperson or company executive, those words can be terrifying. In that split second, knowing what to say and how to respond can make or break a career. That’s why media training is one of the best investments your company can make.

Media Training Makes for Better Interviews

From the board room to the C-level suite, and from the production line to the front line, we have provided media relations training to a variety of corporate and nonprofit leaders. Our proven print, broadcast and digital media interview techniques, message development process and interview evaluation all work effectively in group or individual media training sessions.

Your spokespersons will benefit from working directly with our senior level media relations training experts, who collectively have more than 60 years of journalism and media relations experience.

Extensive preparation in advance of your session, along with our knowledge of news, business and trade media, enables us to develop the right messages and “must air points” to address your specific communication strategy. At CHI, we combine our broad spectrum of real-world experience – both on- and off-camera – with personalized attention and dedication to detail to develop confident, prepared brand spokespersons.

A typical media training session at CHI covers:

  • Situation analysis
  • Review of key messages
  • Increasing the comfort level when talking with the press
  • How the media approach a story vs. how we approach a story
  • Delivering key messages effectively
  • Demonstrating and practicing ways to focus energy and gain control of the interview
  • Identifying and responding to difficult questions
  • Conducting interviews that result in further media opportunities
Media Training

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New Holland Super Boom Road Show

To increase visibility for New Holland Construction and increase visibility, brand preference and sales for New Holland 200 Series…

ECHO/Shindaiwa Media Event
ECHO/Shindaiwa Media Event

ECHO Incorporated is known for its professional-grade, high-performance hand-held outdoor power equipment for commercial and residential use. Following a…

Case Rodeo Series / Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser
Case Rodeo Series / Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

To increase visibility for Case Construction Equipment and increase visibility, brand preference and sales for Case loader/backhoes.

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