Jetstream “Easy” Direct Mail


Category: Marketing Communications


Jetstream wanted to increase its inquiries, requests for demos and sales before the end of the year. With its current customers, Jetstream wanted to reinforce the traits that first appealed to them about Jetstream–-the fact that the equipment is easy to operate and easy to maintain and the people are easy to work with. Jetstream also wanted to share that message with a new group of prospective customers in the gas and oil pipeline industry.


CHI developed an advertisement and a direct mail letter targeting current customers and a two-part direct mail campaign targeting the prospective customer base. Both campaigns drove customers to a micro website, tailored based on their log-in. The Jetstream “Easy” micro site featured graphics that reinforced the direct mail and advertising.

The log-in rate driven by the direct mail letters and tabbed postcard exceeded 2 percent of the recipient audience, which is a tremendous return. Nearly 1 percent requested Jetstream-branded gloves. Of those, one in five requested a half-day training program, and nearly 5 percent asked for a demo.

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