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As a result of misleading promotional materials being circulated in the street sweeper industry that implied that only one type of street sweeping technology is truly effective, Elgin Sweeper wanted to let prospective street sweeper buyers know that sweepers are essential for keeping our streets clean and preventing pollutants from getting into our water. The client also wanted to emphasize that it offers municipalities, contractors and industries the most sweeper options in North America, including the latest sweeping technologies—mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air, alternative fuel and waterless dust control.


CHI created an ad highlighting “sweeping facts” that street sweeper buyers should consider when making sweeping decisions for their local communities. CHI also created content for a “sweeping facts” website and a “Fact/Fiction” flyer to support the ad campaign.


The ad campaign has helped drive requests for sweeper demonstrations across the entire line of Elgin Sweeper products, which the client indicates consistently result in sales.

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