FS Solutions Service Support Campaign – “Cool Lunch, Hot Deal”

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FS Solutions wanted to raise awareness among owners of vacuum trucks, sewer cleaning trucks and waterblasters of the company’s capabilities in servicing, repairing and refurbishing such equipment.

FS Solutions has a limited number of service centers around the country; so, the company is not highly visible to its target customers. The company relies to a great extent on referral opportunities from its sister companies within the Federal Signal Environmental Solutions Group. FS Solutions needed a proactive outreach strategy to accelerate its business growth.


CHI created a direct mail program that incentivized target customers to visit a web microsite where they could register for a free gift and qualify for a free on-site repair/refurbish evaluation and estimation from a factory-trained FS Solutions service representative. CHI used a proprietary client database for the mailing, augmented by a rented list of subscribers to a leading industry publication.

The program promoted these offers through the creative theme, “Cool Lunch, Hot Deal,” explaining in a customized mailer the company’s service capabilities and offering recipients a free lunch cooler for visiting the program’s microsite at www.FSSolutionsHotDeal.com. Once at the site, prospective customers were presented an opportunity to complete a qualification survey, entitling them to the free service estimate/evaluation visit at their location.


The program generated a two percent response rate to the free lunch box offer, exceeding client expectations. More importantly, the microsite’s qualification survey identified dozens of new customer prospects who received service-evaluation visits from FS Solutions, both in markets already served and in previously untapped geographic markets.

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