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When Jetstream signed up to exhibit in the IFAT trade show in Munich, Germany, they turned to CHI for  tradeshow support in an effort to compete with much larger companies exhibiting at the same show for the attention of the show’s attendees.

CHI discovered that the IFAT tradeshow prohibits delivery of direct mail and e-mail marketing to tradeshow exhibitors in advance of the show. While those limitations could have made it even tougher for Jetstream to gain tradeshow exposure in Germany, CHI conducted thorough research on Jetstream’s options for tradeshow support, discovering that while many high-profile opportunities existed, most required an investment of tens of thousands dollars.


CHI selected promotional opportunities with maximum opportunity for leveraging the bright yellow-and-blue Jetstream brand on a series of signs called “wind talkers.” These stand-up signs appeared along a key walkway in the exhibit center. Nearly everyone at the tradeshow used that corridor to transition from one exhibit hall to another, which guaranteed maximum recognition for the Jetstream brand.

CHI also secured an opportunity for three large posters and an overhead in the hallway leading to the exhibit center.  All these images featured the Jetstream logo with its memorable blue and yellow branding complimented by high resolution graphics and the Jetstream booth number to catch the attention of customers moving through the show.


Jetstream associates managing the exhibit noted the long queue of visitors, many of whom specifically referenced that the Jetstream signage prompted them to visit the booth.

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