Jetstream World of Concrete 2013 Direct Mail

Jetstream of Houston

Category: Marketing Communications


Jetstream, a leading manufacturer of waterblasting equipment, wanted to generate visits and leads beyond those that might simply walk by the booth at World of Concrete, a show that attracts more than 50,000 visitors. With the goal of building brand awareness and booth traffic at the huge international tradeshow in Las Vegas, Jetstream asked Cooper Hong Inc. to develop a direct-mail booth promotion to put the company on a more equal footing with larger exhibitors – and drive new sales prospects to the booth.


Prior to the show, we culled from the list of preregistered attendees to identify nearly 1,400 individuals working for businesses and organizations that might be in a position to use Jetstream equipment. We developed an attention-getting dimensional direct-mail piece which included oversized Jetstream-branded stress dice attached to a postcard and inserted into a blue foil, padded envelope. The client wanted the mailer to attract the attention and interest of prospective customers without drawing a large number of visitors who were coming only for a giveaway item. Recipients were encouraged to visit Jetstream at the show to learn the benefits of its hydrodemolition equipment. 


Team members who manned the booth were extremely pleased with the results. They reported hearing from many visitors to the booth that the mailer with the "big dice" had piqued their interest in Jetstream and hydrodemolition. The client reported being confident that they received a good return on their investment in the show and the pre-show promotion.

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