Jetstream World of Concrete 2014 direct mail

Jetstream of Houston

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Jetstream, a leading manufacturer of waterblasting equipment, wanted to promote awareness of its new alliances with two manufacturers of concrete-cutting systems. It also wanted to generate visits to its exhibit at World of Concrete, a show that attracts more than 50,000 visitors in Las Vegas. To fulfill these goals, Jetstream asked Cooper Hong Inc. to develop a direct-mail promotion focusing on the new equipment and driving qualified prospects to their booth at the show.


Prior to the show, we mined the list of preregistered attendees to create a targeted list of individuals who might be in a position to evaluate, purchase or use Jetstream equipment. As a creative twist on the new concrete-cutting systems, we developed a dimensional direct-mail piece with the theme, “Work Sharper,” highlighting the new equipment available from Jetstream. The direct mailer included a Jetstream-branded pocket knife/multi-tool attached to a promotional card, which was inserted into a padded envelope with a custom designed “Work Sharper” mailing label. Because the client wanted the mailer to attract attention and interest among qualified prospects, Jetstream offered recipients a 10-percent discount on certain hydro-demolition equipment purchased within two months of the show. 


Client sales staff working the booth reported that multiple visitors to the booth specifically mentioned the “Work Sharper” mailer and expressed interest in learning about the new concrete-cutting systems. The client expressed confidence in receiving a good return on their investment – both as an exhibitor at the show and in the pre-show promotion.

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